Connected Smart Cities aims to promote a debate at the national level, which will result in the growth of smart cities in the country in a planned way through analysis of the development of indicators such as economy, mobility, government, environment, urbanism and quality of life. For that, the platform involves companies, entities and governments to formulate a dialogue that strengthens the cooperation and approach of all involved to lay the foundations for the construction of intelligent, human and connected cities.

The thematic axes that characterize the pillars for this development are Connected Cities, Sustainable Urbanism, Mobility and Accessibility, Participatory and Engaged Cities, Entrepreneurial Cities and Prosperous Cities. Connected Smart Cities encompasses the development of a Smart Cities Ranking in Brazil, a Prize for the best initiatives developed for the improvement of cities, a Forum that brings specialists to discuss the main themes related to urban development and an Expo that counts with the exposition of the companies that sponsor the project.

Connected Smart Cities aims to promote smart cities so that by 2025 Brazilian cities can rise to more than one step on the scale of development and approach the models of the world’s smart cities. For this, the event promotes the construction of a space for deliberation and dialogue for federated entities, academy, society and any initiative that focuses on regional development.

Within this context, the target audience of the event is very comprehensive: prefectures and secretaries; federal, state and municipal public managers; entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, town planners, lawyers, consultants, planners and thinkers of organizations committed to the development of smart cities; investment funds, financing banks and international development agencies; investors, developers, builders and real estate; startups; class entities; and universities. All of these parties will be gathered at the next event that will take place between September 4th and 5th, 2018 at the Frei Caneca Convention Center in São Paulo.