The Connected Smart Cities 2018 aims to stimulate the improvements to the cities, creating smarter and more connected cities out of solutions that were implanted in the most recognized smart cities in the world. The event fourth edition is counting with the partnership between Sator and Urban Systems, which will ally the unique methodology and long experience of Urban Systems in the market studies development, with the organizer character, that is, Sator’s expertise in identify, plan and develop opportunities doing presential meetings, like seminars, fairs,  business roundtable, mappings, research, online media and press.

According to the Urban Systems CEO, Thomaz Assumpção, “The partnership between Sator and Urban Systems add the strength from both companies in the creation of a platform that covers all the steps for the planning of Smart Cities: (…) the platform goes thought all the steps: thinking, discussing, planning and action plan, permitting that the city halls use what is offered within their needs”.

The companies union has the purpose to praise the development of Smart Cities in Brazil, which, according to the Sator’s executive director, Paula Faria, is important because “inside the Brazilian socioeconomic context becomes clearer that we need platforms that promote discussions for the development of Smart Cities in Brazil. We must unite the service and technology companies, specialists and engaged people for the improvement of the cities with the Government, even as a form of making the dialogue between this entities it easier, as the search for solutions inspired in the world-renowned smart cities”.

When questioned about the challenges for the 2018 edition of the Connected Smart Cities, Thomaz Assumpção pointed that “the challenge now is to provoke actions from the prefectures in new managements, to involve the main entities that have interest in the development of the city (public sector, entrepreneurs and the population) and present the human impact and the sustainable actions of a smart city. Besides of the focus for the economic development of the city, with the cost reduction, resource optimization and investment attraction, in 2018 we want to show more and permit that the cities understand that it is necessary for the planning actions also have a good social and environmental result (humanizing the actions and making them sustainable in all aspects).