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The south region of the country is highlighted when it is verified the indicators of health, mortality rate, quality of life and education. The region concentrates a significant industrial area, which extends from Curitiba (PR) to Blumenau in Santa Catarina and another area that extends to Porto Alegre, to the north, with Caxias do Sul (RS) as its center. Very influential in the economy of the country, the population of the south was influenced by Italian and German immigrants, becoming

Florianópolis is one of the main centers of technological knowledge in the country, being recognized by ACATE Tech Report 2015 as the 3rd city in the country with average revenues of more than 900 companies that work in the technology sector with a high level of activity.The sector generates revenue of more than 5 billion reais annually, which allows the capital of Santa Catarina to combine economic development with an excellent quality of life. According to the Mayor of Florianópolis, Gean

The fourth edition of Connected Smart Cities will count with the partnership between Frente Nacional de Prefeitos (National Front of Mayors) and Rede Brasileira de Cidades Inteligentes e Humanas (Brazilian Network of Intelligent and Humans Cities) to hold regional meetings starting in October 2017. The National Front of Mayors (FNP) is a movement organized by mayors of several municipalities and the main purpose is to defend the interests based on the particularities of each region. As a consequence, the Brazilian Network

 The Connected Smart Cities 2018 aims to stimulate the improvements to the cities, creating smarter and more connected cities out of solutions that were implanted in the most recognized smart cities in the world. The event fourth edition is counting with the partnership between Sator and Urban Systems, which will ally the unique methodology and long experience of Urban Systems in the market studies development, with the organizer character, that is, Sator’s expertise in identify, plan and develop opportunities doing