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>Others >Florianópolis integrará a Academia, Governo e Sociedade

Florianópolis integrará a Academia, Governo e Sociedade

Jamile Sabatini Marques works in the area of ​​ Human, Intelligent and Sustainable Cities through Fecomércio / SC, where she serves as President of the Chamber of Technology and Innovation. She is a member of the board of the International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development (IJKBD), a member of the Advisory Committee of the MCTIC Start-up Brazil Program, participates in the MDIC Industry 4.0 work group and is a member of the Municipal Innovation Council of Florianópolis / SC. In addition, she is in the Brazilian Chamber of Information Technology of CNC and works in the Brazilian Association of Software Companies (ABES) as Director of Innovation and Promotion.

According to her, “The Connected Smart Cities has brought this theme to the surface in several regions of the country and now Florianópolis, recognized as the ‘capital of innovation’, will host the South Regional Meeting integrating academia, government and society. It is crucial to raise public awareness of the relevance of people’s well-being and human capital in cities”.

Jamile Sabatini points out the importance of mapping the southern region, listening to the main local actors to identify the problems and bring solutions: “It is crucial that cities become more human and intelligent, with the focus centered in people. We address several dimensions to make cities more intelligent, such as: a vision of economic development with entrepreneurship and innovation, mobility, governance, people, place, sustainability, identity and social for the development of cities for their citizens”

She confirmed her presence as a speaker at the South Regional Meeting, to be held in Florianópolis on October 26, 2017, in partnership with the Frente Nacional de Prefeitos FNP and the Rede Brasileira de Cidades Inteligentes e Humanas.