In partnership with the National Front of Mayors (FNP) and the Brazilian Network of Intelligent and Human Cities, the South Regional Meeting in Florianópolis will be held on October 26, 2017. According to Eduardo Moreira da Costa, an event like the Connected Smart Cities is important for “Awakening interest in the theme and inform people. Connected people build Human, Smart and Sustainable Cities”.

Eduardo Moreira da Costa is founder and CEO of Pi-Academy, an international consulting firm in entrepreneurship and innovation, and director of the LabCHIS (Humane, Smart and Sustainable Cities) the academic laboratory at UFSC.  He was Director of Innovation at FINEP (2007-2010), creator of the PRIME, JURO ZERO and 14Bis programs, Director of CNPq (1993-1997), creator of the SOFTEX2000 program to encourage Brazilian software exportation, Researcher of the CPqD of TELEBRÁS and consultant of IEL-Nacional and dozens of companies and organizations. In addition, he is an important speaker in Brazil and abroad in the areas of Innovation; Entrepreneurship; Human Cities; Intelligent and Sustainable; New Public and Organizational Policies; and Venture Capital”.

He points out that the development of smart cities in Brazil is important because it is “a rare opportunity for reconciliation between government and society because, unlike the other two spheres, federal and state, the rulers live in the same city and have common interests with the population. But it’s important to focus on solutions for people, not just technologies. We call this concern more Human, Intelligent and Sustainable Cities”.