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>Notícias >Cuiabá: uma cidade sustentável

Cuiabá: uma cidade sustentável

The City of Cuiabá has developed a process, coordinated by the Municipal Department of Urban Services, which implements the system of selective collection carried out in conjunction with an orientation work, currently present in more than 20 neighborhoods of the city.

The objective of the initiative is to reuse solid waste, which, in addition to minimizing the amount of garbage in landfills, promotes income generation and improves the garis’ work situation. The city hall carries out this work together with cooperatives and, in addition to the implementation of the selective collection through a truck for collection and a space for separation and press of the material, is carrying out a work of environmental education through campaigns by the city.

In addition to the collection of household waste, large companies must register in the Department of Urban Services to control the production of solid waste. The city already has approximately 300 companies registered to control the volume of waste generated.