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>Notícias >Região Nordeste é tema no Encontro Regional realizado em Março

Região Nordeste é tema no Encontro Regional realizado em Março

The Northeast Region is almost 20% of the Brazilian territory and occupies the largest coast of the country. In addition to monuments and buildings that date back to colonial times and the diversity of fauna and flora, the Northeast is a stage for development areas such as Environment, Energy, Health and Safety.

According to the Connected Smart Cities Ranking made in partnership with Urban Systems, the highlight of the Northeast in the General Ranking is Recife / PE (10th), which is also highlighted in the Ranking of Technology and Innovation (9th) and Education (7th).

Another city that deserves mention is the city of Salvador / BA, which is ranked 9th in Entrepreneurship Ranking and 15th in Urbanism. For more information on the Connected Smart Cities Ranking, click here.