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Inclusão do cidadão em uma smart city

Atech, a company of the Embraer Group, develops solutions for the Defense and Public Safety, Air Traffic and Corporate Market markets. It is responsible for modernizing all Brazilian airspace management systems, as well as developing and implementing the Brazilian Air Defense System.

According to the Sales Manager, Claudio Nascimento, a smart city has computerized systems in areas such as transportation, health, safety and citizen inclusion in participatory management: “These systems allow the automation of processes and ensure the integrity and simultaneous updating of the data for the different areas of public management, providing an increase in agility and greater efficiency in the use of resources. In this context, the citizen becomes an agent of change, after all, a connected city opens up more space for the citizen, who can interact with the public power in a simpler and more effective way, with its neighborhood and other entities”.

He points out that a connected city can create a framework to receive the technology even in small counties that have lean budgets: “The integration between the different systems used for specific activities of the public sector allows the resources invested in such systems to be preserved and also provides a higher quality service and greater inclusion of the citizen in the city’s decision making processes”.

The Connected Smart Cities 2018 will be held at the Frei Caneca Convention Center on 04 and 05 September. For more information click here.