The Association of Urban Transport Companies (NTU) aims to represent urban and metropolitan bus operators to the public authorities and the civil society, always aiming to strengthen the sustainable development of urban mobility.

According to the president of the NTU, Otávio Vieira da Cunha Filho, public transportation currently lacks incentive, appreciation and planning policies: “There is a lack of prioritization projects, resources for investments in infrastructure, adequate tariff policies, integrated transport networks, etc. The Smart Cities emerge as a key strategy for improving transportation services and developing new models of smart and connected cities. ”

The president states that the first step in the development of smart cities is the provision of smart services, highlighting the importance of integrating the environment, economy and society as a unified ecosystem: “It is necessary to develop integrated urban development policies for municipalities, to promote the continuous training of technicians for operation and, especially, qualified professionals to think and propose measures that improve the living conditions of the urban population”.

With this, Otávio Vieira da Cunha Filho highlights that events such as the Connected Smart Cities promote an important space for discussion, since it promotes the meeting of professionals willing to point out solutions so that society has more efficient services. The event will take place on 04 and 05 September in São Paulo, for more information click here.