Salvador is recognized throughout the country for its gastronomy, music and architecture, making it an important international tourist spot. The first headquarters of the Portuguese colonial administration in Brazil, it is considered one of the first planned cities and one of the oldest cities in Latin America.

In addition to being highlighted by its culture and history, Salvador is developing to become a smart city, receiving prominence in several areas in the Connected Smart Cities Ranking.  The city receives the 17th position in the General Ranking, with prominence in Entrepreneurship (6th) and Mobility and Accessibility (7th). In the Northeast Ranking, the city receives 2nd position, standing out in Urbanism (1st), Education (3rd), Governance (4th) and Economy (4th).

The Connected Smart Cities Ranking, in partnership with Urban Systems, highlights Salvador as an entrepreneurial city by the presence of two technology parks, four incubators and a 13% increase in Micro Individual Companies. In Mobility and Accessibility, the city became the highlight for having 85 km of bike path, connectivity between Salvador Airport and the Bus Terminal with routes that connect the city to more than 136 interstate destinations and the existence of an expanding subway.

With the recent Soil Planning Laws and the 2016 Strategic Master Plan, which modernized the city’s infrastructure and reclassified its historic center, Salvador became an example for the Northeast in Urbanism. In addition, the city had municipal councils for education, health, human rights, civil defense and food security and an Internet portal for the City Hall, which made Salvador also prominent in Governance in the Northeast.

The city also receives distinction in the Education Ranking, with 151 public university places per thousand inhabitants, 93.3% of the teachers of the High School with Higher Education and one hour-average daily class of 4.9 hours. Also in the Economy Ranking, Salvador has 0.4 formal jobs per inhabitant, 53% of public revenues not from onlending and 76% of jobs outside the public administration sector.

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