Connected Smart Cities, Environment and Sustainable Urbanism themes will be widely debated in the 2019 edition through the Itron & Ezute Agenda. In an interview, Ezute Foundation’s director of innovation and PPPs, Thomas Strasser, highlighted the renewal of the CSS Sponsorship and joint agenda points.


In this sense, the Ezute Foundation, a private non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to the transformation of organizations, will present, in Connected Smart Cities 2019, the model that the entity has developed for structuring Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects. Sanitation, Public Lighting and Solid Waste Concessions. The Foundation also renewed the Silver Sponsorship for the 2019 edition of the national event, which will be held on September 17 and 18, in São Paulo.

In an interview with the CSC, the director of innovation and Public-Private Partnerships Ezute Foundation, Thomas Strasser, talks about the partnership with the CSC, highlighting the Strategic Agenda for basic sanitation in partnership with Itron, and the organization’s actions related to the Environment. and Sustainable Urbanism, considering Sanitation, Solid Waste and Public Lighting.

This agenda will take place on the 2nd day of the event and, among other topics, will present funding alternatives, technologies and universalization of basic sanitation in Brazil.


Follow the interview with Thomas Strasser:


CSC: Why participate in Connected Smart Cities once again and what are your expectations?
Thomas Strasser: Connected Smart Cities is very important to the Ezute Foundation, as it brings together the two publics of interest, both public entities and the private sector that operates in the infrastructure sector. Our expectation for this year is to reinforce the disclosure of our model for structuring Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Sanitation, Public Lighting and Solid Waste Concessions projects.

CSC: What is the relationship between Ezute Foundation’s performance with Connected Smart Cities and the theme of smart cities?
Thomas Strasser: Since 2017, the Ezute Foundation has intensified its activities in the Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Sanitation, Public Lighting and Solid Waste segment, which are public services of fundamental importance in the smart cities theme. In 2018, Ezute innovated by proposing a new project structuring model in this segment, which brings much more effectiveness to investments.


CSC: Has the Ezute Foundation developed any initiatives/projects from Connected Smart Cities? If so, which ones?
Thomas Strasser: Yes. In 2018, the Ezute Foundation sponsored Connected Smart Cities and introduced its new project structure for concessions and PPPs. This participation was important to sensitize both private initiative and public managers about this alternative, much more effective than the Manifestation of Interest Procedure – PMI.


CSC: How can Connected Smart Cities contribute to the dissemination of Foundation products and/or services?
Thomas Strasser: During the Connected Smart Cities we have the opportunity to introduce the Ezute model for increasing the modality of concessions and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) to the two publics that are interested in this process: public institutions and private initiative.


CSC: What products and/or services will be featured at Connected Smart Cities 2019? What news should the market and participants expect?
Thomas Strasser: The Ezute Foundation will present an innovative model for the structuring of concessions and PPPs, alternative to the Expression of Interest Procedure – PMI. In this model, Ezute assumes, through public calls, the raising of private financial resources as a donation, and structures the projects, at no cost to the public administration, through cooperation agreements. Potential donors are organizations or companies interested in promoting the Sanitation, Street Lighting and Solid Waste sectors. This new model already has positive results in sanitation, which will be presented at the event.


CSC: How important is partnering with Connected Smart Cities for your organization?
Thomas Strasser: Connected Smart Cities is an excellent vector for the Ezute Foundation to expand and deepen its relationship with the public and private sectors. The event certainly attracts the attention of key players from the national public sector and the world private sector, eager to invest in good infrastructure projects in Brazil. This year, Ezute will present at the event the results achieved so far with this model in Sanitation.