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The Connected Smart Cities Event brings together experts, entities, companies and engaged governments that present best practices in the development of cities.


With an innovative layout, Connected Smart Cities counts on companies and organizations determined to disseminate their know-how on the latest technologies on the market in the various segments addressed in the event.
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The Forum is attended by experts from the thematic areas explored at the event and presents concrete experiences of initiatives carried out in smart cities around the world, looking for ways to adapt concepts and create new ones, to make cities in Brazil increasingly intelligent.
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Connected Smart Cities is the event that most generates business for the smart cities market in Brazil. During the event, meetings are held between buyers and sellers, creating opportunities to establish relationships and do business.
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Made to map the cities with the greatest potential for development in Brazil, the Connected Smart Cities Ranking brings indicators developed by the consulting firm Urban Systems, which qualify the most intelligent cities in the country.
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The Connected Smart Cities Award is about recognizing and rewarding innovative businesses that collaborate so that cities can reach the threshold of being a smart city. In partnership with Neuronio, the Award accepts the participation of any legal entity with headquarters in Brazil, presenting an innovative business that contributes to the resolution of problems of the cities, in order to make them intelligent.
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