Made in order to map the cities with the highest development potential in Brazil, the Connected Smart Cities Ranking will bring indicators developed by the consulting firm Urban Systems, which will qualify the smartest cities.

The ranking will be presented during the event, and will enable a clearer picture regarding the highlights.


For the creation of the Connected Smart Cities Ranking, Urban Systems and Sator teams mapped the main international and national publications on smart cities, connected cities, sustainable cities and other publications on the subject or related subjects in 2014:

“Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Cities Program”
“Brazil Transparency Scale, General Comptroller of the Union”
“Brazil Competitiveness Profile, Getúlio Vargas Foundation”
“IESE Cities in Motion, IESE Business School”
“Innovation Cities, Innovation Cities Program”
“Biggest and Best Cities in Brazil, America Economy”
“Mapping Smart Cities in the European Union, Smart Cities”
“ARCADIS Sustainable Cities Index, Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy”

From then on, the UrbanLab team studied all the publications and disrupted the indicators, sources of information and concepts in order to identify the feasibility of using each concept or indicator in the national territory at the municipal information level.

Research processes, whether academic or not, go through a long period of data collection, validation and transformation of relevant information. Several indicators used in international research are not available at the municipal level, or do not apply to this model. Other indicators evaluated do not represent exactly what they propose to evaluate.

After the period of collection and creation of new indicators, through the data existing in the collection of Urban Systems or generated through new researches, we went to the segmentation of the indicators and evaluation of relevance.


Made with the objective of mapping the cities with the greatest potential for development in Brazil, through indicators that portray intelligence, connection and sustainability, the Ranking is composed of indicators from 11 main sectors that will be deepened during the Event, the Exhibition and the Forum:

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