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Aracaju received the release of R $ 130 million in resources destined to the implementation of the Urban Mobility Plan. The news was released during a ceremony commemorating the 163 years of the capital, in which the mayor Edvaldo Nogueira announced the arrival of the Minister of Cities, Alexandre Baldy. With this, it’s going to be recovered terminals and bus stops, as well as the recapping of four corridors intended for public transportation and the installation of intelligent traffic lights. In

The fourth edition of the Connected Smart Cities will count on the partnership of the National Front of Mayors (FNP) and the Brazilian Network of Intelligent and Human Cities to hold the Northeast Regional Meeting in Salvador (BA). The event will be held on March 15 and will be at Senai Cimatec. The city of Salvador is a highlight and example of development in several sectors. According to the Connected Smart Cities Ranking, conducted by Urban Systems, the city is the

The Northeast Region is almost 20% of the Brazilian territory and occupies the largest coast of the country. In addition to monuments and buildings that date back to colonial times and the diversity of fauna and flora, the Northeast is a stage for development areas such as Environment, Energy, Health and Safety. According to the Connected Smart Cities Ranking made in partnership with Urban Systems, the highlight of the Northeast in the General Ranking is Recife / PE (10th), which is

The City of Cuiabá has developed a process, coordinated by the Municipal Department of Urban Services, which implements the system of selective collection carried out in conjunction with an orientation work, currently present in more than 20 neighborhoods of the city. The objective of the initiative is to reuse solid waste, which, in addition to minimizing the amount of garbage in landfills, promotes income generation and improves the garis' work situation. The city hall carries out this work together with cooperatives

The Municipality of Suzano carried out, from the Municipal Secretariats of Urban Planning and Housing and Transportation and Urban Mobility, the first meeting that has as main objective to elaborate the Municipal Urban Mobility Plan. The theme addressed by the document focuses on highlighting solutions for traffic in the next ten years. Until March, residents can participate in the elaboration of public policies through an online questionnaire available on the city's website (click here to access). The questionnaire contains 21 pages

In partnership with the National Front of Mayors (FNP) and the Brazilian Network of Intelligent and Human Cities, the South Regional Meeting in Florianópolis will be held on October 26, 2017. According to Eduardo Moreira da Costa, an event like the Connected Smart Cities is important for "Awakening interest in the theme and inform people. Connected people build Human, Smart and Sustainable Cities". Eduardo Moreira da Costa is founder and CEO of Pi-Academy, an international consulting firm in entrepreneurship and innovation,

The south region of the country is highlighted when it is verified the indicators of health, mortality rate, quality of life and education. The region concentrates a significant industrial area, which extends from Curitiba (PR) to Blumenau in Santa Catarina and another area that extends to Porto Alegre, to the north, with Caxias do Sul (RS) as its center. Very influential in the economy of the country, the population of the south was influenced by Italian and German immigrants, becoming

Florianópolis is one of the main centers of technological knowledge in the country, being recognized by ACATE Tech Report 2015 as the 3rd city in the country with average revenues of more than 900 companies that work in the technology sector with a high level of activity.The sector generates revenue of more than 5 billion reais annually, which allows the capital of Santa Catarina to combine economic development with an excellent quality of life. According to the Mayor of Florianópolis, Gean

The fourth edition of Connected Smart Cities will count with the partnership between Frente Nacional de Prefeitos (National Front of Mayors) and Rede Brasileira de Cidades Inteligentes e Humanas (Brazilian Network of Intelligent and Humans Cities) to hold regional meetings starting in October 2017. The National Front of Mayors (FNP) is a movement organized by mayors of several municipalities and the main purpose is to defend the interests based on the particularities of each region. As a consequence, the Brazilian Network